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"James is the real deal when it comes to SEO, Social Media Management, and one's online profile. He is well versed in what consumers are looking for when they want to connect with a business online, or to get more information; and he knows how to make sure your company will show up FIRST when customers want to find them."

- Joshua Fletcher, Search Explosion

Print is dead.

Ok, not quite, but the printed form of marketing is nearly dead. Yellow Pages now spends millions on Google Adwords, that means for every dollar your company wastes on ad space on their physical book and their website/mobile app, they’re spending at least twenty-five cents on making an Adwords ad for keywords related to your business. Where is the sense in that? Truth be told, Yellow Pages physical books have been a paperweight for decades now. They are seldom used by anyone under 80 who are looking for an answer to their problem. If you follow me on Snapchat you may have seen my morning walk where I passed by a former grocery store that is no longer in operation, and there were a stack of three brand new Yellow Pages books laying in front of the building. Is that where you want YOUR marketing dollars being spent? For ad space in a book, that gets left in front of any empty building? If it is, then you should probably head to another website or just turn off your computer now.

So if customers aren’t hurrying to that big yellow book to find businesses, what are they doing?

They’re heading to the world wide web. That’s right, it isn’t the fad some people thought it might be back in 1994. They’re heading to Google/Yahoo!/Bing (but mostly Google), and they are searching for terms like “DUI Attorney Los Angeles” or “Best Hair Salon Nova Scotia” and they’re clicking on the first thing they see. Not the Adwords listing mind you, but the first ORGANIC listing they see. That first position on page one gets 31-40% of the traffic for a given keyword term. And most major metropolitan areas keywords for normal businesses people make use of Dentists, Doctors, Lawyers, Hair Stylists, Landscapers, etc. get hundreds and sometimes even thousands of searches each month. That’s a lot of potential customers that are finding your nearby competitor because they’ve gotten their SEO game face on.

But not every SEO company is made from the same cloth.

In fact, there are a lot of digital marketing companies that are farming out their work overseas, utilizing shady tactics like Fiverr gigs to complete work. Companies that offer guarantees of page one rankings in 30 days for the low price of $99 bucks. Well, we have all learned the hard way that fast and cheap usually come back to bite us (see anyone after a meal at McDonald’s). So how do you figure out which firm you should hire to perform the work that’s going to bring you page one celebrity status and a flow of traffic to your service and business?

Here are seven quick tips to consider when looking for the right fit:

1. One-Price-Fits-All Offerings

Your business is as unique as the one next door to you. The number of employees you have, the types of services you offer, all makes a difference in terms of matching you up with the right content to promote you online and raise your profile on Google. If an SEO company simply offers tiered packages with no relation to a type or niche of business, they’re not going to be right for you. They may get lucky occasionally, but if they’re not taking into consideration the type of business you have and what is already going on with your website before they offer a solution, the work they do will be bad news for you. For this reason, Rankhero SEO offers businesses a custom solution based on our ‘Work Together Application’, and before we price we make sure to send you a video that gives a thorough analysis of your website and the issues facing it.

2. What words are your customers searching for?

Sometimes businesses don’t know what exactly people are looking for when they are trying to find them. That’s ok, you’re a business owner and you are an expert at YOUR business, you shouldn’t be made to figure out someone else’s. That’s why at Rankhero SEO we provided thorough and deep analysis of your website and online properties to ensure that the best words that describe your business and service and offering. You want to make sure that you aren’t just covering one possible stream of traffic but all streams of traffic that are searching for you online.

3. Snappy Customer Service & Good word of mouth

You want to work an agency that anticipates your questions and concerns, rather than responding to them defensively. That is why we offer initial onboarding FAQ’s, a commitment call with one of our trained staff members, and monthly reporting of your analytics as well as e-updates via email about what Google may be up to.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that we’ve been featured by the Television Academy, the Screen Actors Guild, and even online sensation Tai Lopez’s YouTube channel. While notoriety doesn’t always guarantee the best fit for a marketing agency, you can rest assured when looking at our testimonials, we have done well by our clients and would love to do the same for your business.

4. Timing Is Everything

You’re here because you were looking for an immediate solution to a problem: lack of traffic to your website, and decreased business in this post-crash economy we live in. You want to get your business back on the right path, or keep it from veering off the cliff in the face of other businesses who want the same. You need to hear what the general outlook on page one rankings is going to be, what the time frame is, and when you can hope to see increased traffic to your website. We understand that and we offer that to you, you will be given an end date for the term of your search engine optimization process from the day we start.

5. You Get What You Pay For

As we stated before, if you want fast food pricing, hit up McDonald’s. But you cannot expect your business to be brought to the forefront of your customer's minds, and saved from the brink; if you want to pay an agency what a fry-cook could make part-time at the local burger place. That being said, we also don’t think it’s fair when companies like Yellow Pages charge an arm and a leg for a service that’s garnering next to zero results. We offer custom solutions and stand by the work we will perform for you, starting with pricing out your service correctly and fairly.

6. A Company That Provides Solid Link-Building Strategy

Here’s what you don’t want: you get to page one, decide you don’t need to invest any more in your SEO, and you end your contract. Some companies would pull the plug on the external work they do for you at the worst, while others will simply stop maintaining the work they have done previously. Where does this leave you? With sinking rankings almost immediately. Rankhero SEO won’t let you down in this regard, we stand by the work we do and we are committed to maintaining that work for some time to come.

This doesn’t guard you against potential algorithm updates on Google's part for all time mind you, but it will at least keep you solidly in place for the year or two down the road. We want to produce solid work that enables you to recommend us to your friends and other businesses you know rather than continuously charge you to maintain what’s already been done.

7. Understanding the End Game

It is really rather simple. More traffic from people looking for your business equals more customers. While no marketing company is going to offer you a guarantee on the sales generated, it is safe to say that with sufficient search queries and direct placement in front of the people searching are going to equate to more phone calls for you. Once you get those phone calls it is up to you and your employees to close new business. The marketing strategies that Rankhero SEO puts in place will directly lead to more leads, pin-pointed customers for your services, and ROI on your investment.

Win. Win. Win.

We would love to be the marketing agency you choose when it comes to placing you at the top of Google and ahead of your competition. If you are ready to get started today, fill out our form at the link below, or give us a call at 805-415-0579 today!

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